Google Phasing Out Windows for Mac OS X, Linux

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Concerns over Windows-related security issues have prompted Google to begin phasing out Microsoft’s OS for internal use in favor of Mac OS X and Linux. The transition to a Mac and Linux office place began in January after the company’s computer systems were hacked, according to the Financial Times.

As new employees are hired, they’re now given the option of using Macs or PCs running Linux. “We’re not doing any more Windows. It is a security effort,” said an unnamed Google employee.

The change came after data was stolen from Google’s servers from an attack that originated in China. Concern over security at Google is so high now that Windows isn’t allowed on laptops, and the company CIO must approve Windows installations on desktop computers.

The policy change also fits with the company’s new guideline to try to use Google products internally whenever possible. “A lot of it is an effort to run things on Google product,” an employee said. “They want to run things on Chrome.”

While some employees were initially upset at the Windows ban, the overall reception has been positive. One employee commented, “It would have made more people upset if they banned Macs rather than Windows.”


Lee Dronick

Hmmm, not to discount the security concerns, but I wonder if they are developing a desktop/laptop OS.


This is a very high profile switch. Further evidence that the future of computing is leaving Microsoft behind.

This will send shockwaves.

Lee Dronick

This will send shockwaves.

I thought that Shockwave was an Adobe product. smile

Yes, this could be significant.


mmm, not to discount the security concerns, but I wonder if they are developing a desktop/laptop OS.

They are: Chrome.

It’s web-optimized Linux-based OS designed around the Chrome browser. Not sure if it’s going to be something they’d replace their internal OS with.


[/Monty Burns grin]


True story: Had a website thru Go Daddy and hosted on Windows.  BIG mistake, had nothing but problems with it.  Switched to Linux hosting (Mac OS wasn’t an option) and haven’t had any trouble since.

Only surprise here is that it took Google this long to act.

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