Google Ready to Unveil Nexus Tablet

Google apparently has plans to unveil its own Android-based tablet to target Apple’s iPad. The US$199 tablet will sport a 7-inch screen, will be made by Asus for Google, and will get its introduction during this week’s Google I/O conference.

News of the planned announcement comes from unnamed sources familiar with Google’s plans, according to Bloomberg.

Google may be introducing its own Android tablet this weekGoogle may be introducing its own Android tablet this week

Google’s move, while seemingly aimed at Apple’s iPad, will more likely take marketshare from the Internet search giant’s Android tablet partners. Many of the Android-based tablets available today include a 7-inch touch sensitive display along with a price point near the $200 mark.

While Google will most likely offer a price point below the iPad’s $499 entry point, it won’t be able to offer the tightly integrated hardware, OS and online store system like Apple. The Nexus tablet could, however, help drive up interest in Android-based tablets, and that’s good news for Google no matter which of its parter’s tablets customers go for.