Google Releases Bulk Email Uploader for Google Apps Mail

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Mail, Eudora and Thunderbird users wanting to migrate all of their email into Google Apps Mail, including all of their old messages, can handle that daunting task without any headaches now that Google has released Google Email Uploader for Mac.

Google Email Uploader for Mac is an application that handles the dirty work of collecting all of your messages, no matter how old they are, and uploading them to your Google Apps Mail account. Once uploaded, all of your messages can be searched and sorted just like any other emails you get.

There isn't any support for importing email from Entourage, and the utility doesn't work with standard Gmail accounts, but it seems likely that the clever coders at Google are working on both features.

Google Email Uploader for Mac requires a free Google Apps account, and Mac OS X 10.4 or higher. It is free and available for download at the Google Web site.



Is it possible this eventually will be able to grab all my Yahoo email messages in folders apart from the Inbox, and move into a Gmail account? Currently, Google supports moving Inbox messages from Yahoo Mail to Gmail, but no messages saved in folders.

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