Google to Add Support for Flash 10.1 in Android OS 2.2

Android OSGoogle is adding support for Flash 10.1 in the next major update to Android OS, version 2.2. According to TechCrunch, Android devices that can update to Android OS 2.2 will be taken to a screen that invites them to install Flash on their device and given a list of sites that have Flash content that has been updated to Flash 10.1.

Adobe already has dedicated pages for the Nexus One and (a page set up for Droid redirects to the Nexus One page) that offer a list of 48 sites (as of this writing) that are “mobile optimized” with Flash content they can view on their devices.

Those sites include South Park Studios, Nickelodeon, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Spiegel, Google Finance, and more.

Google is expected to announce Android OS at its I/O event, which starts Wednesday, May 19th. Adding support for Flash further differentiates the company’s mobile platform, or at least some of that mobile platform, from Apple’s iPhone platform, as Apple has heretofore said Flash was not fit for mobile devices.