Google Translate for iPhone Goes Native

Google released Google Translate for the iPhone as a native app on Tuesday. The real time language translation app was previously available only as a Web app, but now can be installed as a native iOS application via Apple’s App Store.

Google Translate lets users speak words or phrases in 15 different languages and translates into over 50 languages. Users can also type words and phrases to see or hear them in different languages.

Google Translate for the iPhone

“You can also listen to your translations spoken out loud in one of 23 different languages,” said Google’s Wenzhang Zhu. “This feature uses the same new speech synthesizer voices as the desktop version of Google Translate we introduced last month.”

Users can display translations in full screen mode for easier reading, display definitions for words, view their translation history, and more.

Google Translate is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.