Google Updates iPad Gmail Web Interface

Following Yahoo!’s lead, Google updated its Gmail Web interface for iPad users. The new interface does away with the dual toolbars in favor of something that more closely resembles the iPad’s Mail app.

Google is calling the new iPad Gmail interface “stacked cards,” and says it makes managing multiple conversations easier.

Gmail’s new iPad interface

Google Software Engineering intern, Liam Asher Segel-Brown, explained why the company decided to update the Gmail interface.

In the past, performing actions on selected conversations was awkward. There were two similar toolbars on the screen: one on the bottom left and the other on the top right. The former affected the selected conversations, while the latter affected the currently open conversation. Since the toolbars’ buttons looked similar, it was easy to mistakenly use the wrong toolbar. Sound confusing? It was.

The coding team also used the update as an excuse to experiment with CSS3 transitions, giving the Web app a more native application look and feel.

Gmail users can try out the new interface by pointing Mobile Safari on their iPad to the Gmail Web site.