Google Voice App Returns to Apple’s App Store

| Product News

GV Connect from Andreas Amann returned to App Store over the weekend after an extended Apple-imposed exile. Google Voice client apps had been banned from the App Store by Apple over claims that they duplicated the iPhone’s built-in phone functions.

GV Connect offers users an alternative to Google’s own Web-based Google Voice interface. It supports listening to messages left at your Google Voice phone number, sending and receiving SMS messages, managing Google Voice account settings, and more.

With GV Connect back on the App Store, other Google Voice client apps are likely on the way, too.

GV Connect is priced at US$2.99 and is available for download at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.



You’re failing to mention GV Mobile, the original GV app has also returned, why?

And with GV Mobile, you don’t have to log-in each time you launch the app, which is pathetic. Even the web app does not demand such nonsense.


Awesome. An recent app review on GV Mobile listed several features that GV Connect has and GV Mobile doesn’t, so I went with GV Connect. But I’d be curious to hear other comparisons.


What is Microsoft’s cut for including Commodore BASIC in the C64 emulator?

Commodore BASIC - like Apple BASIC and almost all other 8-bit platforms except for Atari - was Microsoft BASIC renamed. The original agreement between Jack Tramiel and Bill Gates was that Microsoft would receive $0.01 in royalties per Commodore computer sold that included BASIC.

Considering how many times “Commodore” as an entity has gone bankrupt and switched ownership, I’m imagine that original agreement is void.



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