Google Voice: Now with Support for Your Cell Number

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Google made its Google Voice service even more enticing thanks to an update that added the ability to use your current cell phone number. The new feature lets users stick with a single phone number instead of adding a new Google Voice-specific number just to use the service.

The new feature takes advantage of the voice mail call forwarding feature most cell carriers offer. Missed calls forward to the Google Voice service where messages are recorded, transcribed and emailed to you.

Google Voice is Google's online phone call management service. It includes a Visual Voicemail-like feature, automated voicemail transcription, custom voicemail greetings for specific callers, email and SMS notifications, call screening and recording, conference calling and call blocking.

Google Voice is free and available at the Google Web site.

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Jeff Gamet

@clefmeister mentioned to me on Twitter that the ability to link your cell phone number to a Google Voice account is available to all GV users, not just newbies. Thanks for pointing that out!


Another “Only available in the US service”.

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