GPUs in Next-Gen iOS Devices Could Be 20 Times More Powerful

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Imagination Technologies, whose PowerVR GPUs are found in Apple’s iOS devices, on Tuesday announced its next-generation PowerVR Series6 GPU, which is 20 times more powerful than its current chips. AppleInsider reported on the news.

Imagination said it expects the new GPUs to end up in everything from smartphones and tablets to TVs and cars. Apple, which owns a 9.5 percent stake in the company, is a likely customer too, but, as is typical in Apple’s business dealings, no official confirmation has been given by either party.

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Lee Dronick

What do they mean by more powerful? It seems very accurate right now. Faster location finding maybe, or perhaps less susceptible to interference?


I have read elsewhere that this has to do with the processor’s speed at running apps and graphics. But not being a tech head myself; there are others who could clarify what this means.


They are talking about GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) not GPS (Global Positioning System)

Essentially graphics processing - 3D, video etc is quicker.


Lee Dronick

Thanks pibad

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