Grand Central Terminal: We Want Apple

New York’s Grand Central Terminal will have a vacancy come July 1, and the city’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is hoping it can convince Apple to move in. The agency has already spoken to Apple about the space, according to the Wall Street Journal, and is hopeful Apple will jump at the opportunity to open a store in the heavily trafficked terminal.

The MTA is planning to combine two spaces for a single retailer. One of the spaces is currently occupied by the popular Metrazur restaurant and would involve buying owner and chef Charlie Palmer out of his lease.

Grand Central StationThe MTA wants Apple at Grand Central Terminal

Whatever Mr. Palmer is being offered is apparently worth the effort to pack up and move.

“It’s an offer that’s hard to refuse,” Mr. Palmer said. “It’s hard to compete with whatever that company might be that’s taking the space.”

Apple was rumored to be negotiating for retail space in Grand Central Terminal earlier this year, and only a month later was said to be abandoning plans to pursue the location.

Assuming Apple does strike a deal with the MTA, the Mac and iPhone maker would have five stores in the Manhattan area, and there’s a chance the company may pursue the opportunity. Apparently Apple has expressed interest in the location which is on the north east balcony.

Should Apple move in, the location could prove popular for the company thanks to the high volume of commuters and tourists that frequent the building. It would likely generate more cash for the MTA, too.

“We believe that this special site in Grand Central Terminal can generate more revenue to support transit services,” commented MTA spokesperson Jeremy Soffin.

The agency will start requesting proposals today. Since those proposals are public, there won’t be any question as to whether or not Apple is seriously looking at the space once the the proposal window closes.