Grand Theft Auto 3 Comes to the iPhone, iPad

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Rockstar Games announced the immediate availability of Grand Theft Auto 3 for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on Thursday. The release marks the 10th anniversary of the game that first debuted on Sony’s PS2 gaming console, and closely matches the original’s playing style.

Grand Theft Auto 3 for the iPhone and iPadGrand Theft Auto 3 for the iPhone and iPad

Grand Theft Auto puts players in Liberty City’s dark crime world where they can interact with the locals, steal cars and weapons, and complete missions as part of the game’s story line.

The iOS version of the game includes improved graphics, touch-based controls, and two features the original didn’t have: autosave and mission retry.

Grand Theft Auto 3 requires iOS 4.3 or higher. It is priced at US$4.99 and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.



This is a fantastic opportunity for the real fans to reenact the original game’s playing style. Too bad it’s only on IOS and not on Android, as well. It seems to me I’ve read that the Rockstar Games inspired their designs for this game from mostly for a part of the car’s designs. I wouldn’t get a new phone for this, though.

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