Greenpeace Praises Apple for Improving Supplier Working Conditions

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The environmental activist group Greenpeace offered rare praise for Apple this week following the release of the iPhone and iPad maker's annual Supplier Responsibility report. The group said it was pleased with the work Apple has been doing to improve working conditions for its suppliers and called the company an example for other electronics makers to follow.

Greenpeace pleased with Apple's new Supplier Responsibility reportGreenpeace pleased with Apple's new Supplier Responsibility report

Greenpeace Energy Campaigner Tom Dowdall stated,

Apple's increased transparency about its suppliers is becoming a hallmark of Tim Cook's leadership at the company. Apple has flexed its muscles in the past to push suppliers to remove hazardous substances from products and provide more renewable energy for data centers, and it is proving the same model can work to reduce the use of conflict minerals.  Samsung and other consumer electronics companies should follow Apple's example and map its suppliers, so the industry can exert its collective influence to build devices that are better for people and the planet.

Apple's report showed the company's efforts to ensure workers have clean water and that suppliers aren't contaminating local drinking water sources. The company also dramatically increased the number of audits it conducts to help eliminate underage workers and employee exploitation, including job recruiters that demand exorbitant fees workers must pay off as loans.

Greenpeace has a history of targeting Apple for its policies and the materials it uses in its products over environmental concerns. Apple has worked to remove toxic chemicals from its products and work with suppliers that use processes that don't expose workers to hazardous materials.

While Greenpeace has called Apple to task in the past for environmental waste concerns, bagged on its power use, and staged demonstrations at the company's stores, it has also praised the company for its efforts to remove toxic chemicals from its products.

It's a safe bet that Greenpeace will continue to be critical of Apple, just as it is with other companies. That criticism, however, is coming with praise and the acknowledgement that Apple is actively working to be a leader in environmentally friendly electronics design.

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There was a time when Greenpeace criticized Apple constantly for its environmental practices. Steve Jobs said the company was working hard to change that, and it's clear Tim Cook his upholding that promise.

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Lee Dronick

Great! Now Greenpeace can hound other tech companies until they again copy Apple.


Nice “Greenie” points; but I don’t pay much attention to what they have to say.


Haven’t respected Greenpeace for the last couple of decades. This won’t change that.



Greenpeace reminds me all too much of PETA: an organization that seems far more concerned with promoting itself than the issues they claim to exist for.

Lee Dronick

I was at the Apple Store this morning and Greenpeace was hanging out around outside talking to shoppers. None of the other shops, just the Apple Store, and there is a MicroSoft Store a few doors away. As mrmwebmax says…

Carl Camp

The only thing that has changed is that Apple is now paying the Protection money to Greenpiece to get them off Apples back.  They are just a racket no different then the local Thugs that shake down mom and pop business.  And that’s all this is about.  Look it up, Apples “Donations” has radically increased in the last few years till someone’s happy with their newfound profits.


Carl: Do you have any direct evidence Apple “is now paying Protection money to Greenpeace”? 

That’s a pretty provocative statement - you say “look it up”…have you?  If yes, please let the rest of us in on where you found this info.

Like Lee, I won’t be holding my breath waiting for GP to start making a ruckus over Dell, Asus, Sammy, etc.  Because they won’t get the publicity for such a campaign.

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