Griffin Intros iPhone Controlled HELO TC Helicopter

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Griffin announced the immediate availability of its HELO TC indoor remote control helicopter on Wednesday. The mini helicopter includes an IR attachment for user’s iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that uses the device’s touch interface to control its flight.

HELO TC remote control helicopterGriffin’s HELO TC

The iOS-based remote control includes on-screen touch controls, a tilt-to-steer mode that uses the iPhone’s accelerometer, support for saving flight patterns, and the ability to control up to three helicopters. The remote requires four AAA batteries.

HELO TC Remote ControlThe HELO TC remote control for iOS devices

The HELO TC is a twin-rotor indoor helicopter that includes a built-in rechargeable battery that recharges with a USB cable.

The HELO TC is priced at US$49.99 and is available at the Griffin Web site. Don’t, however, plan your flight adventure weekend just yet. Griffin is showing the HELO TC as out of stock, so it may be some time before you can get one in your hands.

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Bryan Chaffin

I CAN HAZ?!?!?

Chuck La Tournous

If this works as advertised (and battery life is good), $50 is a great price point. The only comparable device I can think of is the Parrot A.R. Drone <>, which sells for around $300. I foresee major battles at the TMO Corporate Towers over who gets to review this baby. wink



I foresee major battles at the TMO Corporate Towers over who gets to review this baby.

The answer is simple. I’ll review it here in Nanaimo and send you the story.


This copter looks exactly like the Syma helicopters available from Amazon for approx $20 with shipping (if Prime member). If it is the same, it’ll fly great. The Syma copters are fantastic, especially the 107 and later models.

I like the idea of tilt-control (probably only works for front-back), but the turning controls (a scroll-wheel?) looks like it would be unnecessarily difficult to use in practice.

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