Group Plans Apple Protest over Win America Campaign

Apple’s U.S. retail stores will be the target of a Win America Campaign protest by US Uncut on June 4 over the Mac and iPhone maker’s support for what the group sees as unnecessary tax breaks. The organization is hoping to convince Apple to drop it WAC support and stop supporting lobbying for new tax loopholes.

US UncutUS Uncut’s Apple protest logo

WAC has been lobbying for the Freedom to Invest Act, which would temporarily reduce the taxes paid by companies that sell products outside of the United States. Apple, along with several other technology companies such as Google, Cisco and Microsoft, are supporting the proposed legislation.

“Apple plays huge games with their taxes. By disguising profits in the US as foreign earnings in low tax countries, Apple dodges billions of dollars of taxes they should be paying,” the US Uncut Web site states.

The organization also claimed “Apple’s cut of the tax dodgers’ feast would be nearly $4 billion.”

The group has put together what it is calling an “action kit” for its planned protest that includes slogans and chants, along with an Apple Store finder and instructions on organizing a flash mob-style “dance-in” inside the company’s retail locations.

Apple hasn’t commented on US Uncut’s protest plans.

[Thanks to CNET for the heads up.]