Groupon and Amazon Offer 64GB iPad mini WiFi + Cellular for $470

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It would seem that this is the season for killer deals on the iPad mini, because there's a Groupon deal for a 64GB iPad mini WiFi + Cellular bundled with a JBL speaker dock for US$479.99. You can choose either AT&T or Verizon for the Groupon deal, and either way, you're saving several hundred dollars because the iPad mini alone retails for $729 from Apple. The Groupon deal expires in 10 days, but there are a limited number of units available.

Groupon Deal

Groupon's iPad mini with Speaker Dock Bundle

While I was looking for other prices, I noticed that Amazon was offering the AT&T model for $469. That's also a significant discount, but it doesn't include the JBL speaker dock. If you don't want or need the dock, though, giddy up, right? Amazon's deal is eligible for Prime shipping, and there are only 7 left in stock as of this writing.

A special thanks to MacFrogger for the heads up on the Groupon deal.

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Stephen Real

Is Groupon actually focusing on it’s warehouse business?

Karen Marshall

I went for this Groupon deal but am uncertain about a couple things. This one is listed as having the A5 chip, which would make it the iPad Mini without the retina display. However there are none of those on Apple’s site with 64GB. The iPad mini with retina display has the A7 chip and the 64GB model does retail for $729. But the one with A5 chip is only available in 16GB model. Confused.

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