Groupon Offers Instant Deals with Groupon Now!

NEW YORK, NY — At this week’s Blogworld & New Media Expo, Groupon was showcasing a brand new Web-based service that provides instant deals, based on your location. Charlotte Tan, Project Manager, gave us a demonstration of this new service.

Groupon’s mainstream offering allows one to get a deep discount on a few products or services in their general geographic area, but only if enough people sign up for the deal, which is known as the “tipping point.” If the tipping point isn’t reached, the deal is off. Deals are offered over one or more days. Once a coupon for the deal is acquired, it is typically good for a few months before expiring.


Groupon Now! Deal Categories

Groupon Now! differs in a number of ways. First, rather than offering a few deals, it allows you to search for deals based on several “I Want To…” choices, such as Eat Something, Have Fun, Go Shopping, and more. The number of deals and distance to each deal is shown in this summary. Once you choose a category, you’ll be shown individual deals. Unlike regular deals, the Groupon Now! deals have no tipping point, and have a shorter offering window, often a span of hours, rather than days.


Groupon Now! Food Deal in Chicago

Groupon Now! is currently offered in Chicago, IL, and will be launched shortly in San Francisco, CA, with other locations sure to come. The service can be accessed by a web browser, as well as an app for both the iPhone and Android.