Groupon Offers Motorola Xoom Tablet for 32% Discount

How do you know when you’re product is hot? When you have to resort to deep discounting on Groupon to move it…wait, that can’t be right.

Be that as it may, someone with a bunch of Motorola Xoom Android tablets on their hands figured they could sell them by knocking off 32 percent of the price through Groupon. The 32GB Xoom model is currently being offered for US$339, $160 less than the $499 retail price the device nominally has.

Xoom a Xoom, Xoom, Xoom, Xoom

Groupon Xoom Offer

If you’re not familiar with Groupon, it’s an online company that offers discounts for products, meals, travel, and other services. There’s nothing wrong with being on Groupon, of course. There are some great deals on the site, and for retailers and other vendors, it’s a great way to promote your offerings.

In particular, local restaurants and other businesses have found Groupon as a great way to increase awareness and bring new people into their establishment. Being able to reach targeted markets like that is what propelled Groupon to prominence in the first place.

The same can be said for selling physical goods. Groupon can be a great way to build awareness and get your product in people’s hands. It would appear that someone thought that when it comes to selling the Xoom—which is not at all new, and has largely been a straight up flop (quick, find Motorola’s tablet market share)—such tactics would be helpful.

In any event, if you’re looking for a good deal on an Android tablet, here’s your chance. In the meanwhile, Apple is selling every iPad it can make.

Thanks to TMO reader MacFrogger for the heads up.