Growing Mobile Market Means Apple is Still a Winner

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Mobile Device and computer shipments are set to grow this year by nearly 6 percent, and while Google's Android may account for a big part of that, Apple's iOS and OS X operating systems will take a substantial bite out of the market, too. Based on data from Gartner, smartphone shipments will climb 4.3 percent this year, while tablet growth will hit 67.9 percent, and Apple's OS X and iOS combo approach is working to give the company a growing piece of the overall computer market.

Apple's piece of the OS pie is growingApple's piece of the OS pie is growing

Ranjit Atwal said in the report,

Although the numbers seem to paint a clear picture of who the winner will be when it comes to operating systems (OS) in the device market, the reality is that today ecosystem owners are challenged in having the same relevance in all segments. Apple is currently the more homogeneous presence across all device segments, while 90 percent of Android sales are currently in the mobile phone market and 85 percent of Microsoft sales are in the PC market.

Based on Ms. Atwal's calculations, Apple is set to bump up its overall device shipments from about 10 percent of the market up to a little over 14 percent in 2014. "Apple is currently the more homogeneous presence across all device segments," she said.

That growth is coming from both iPhone, iPad and iPod touch sales, as well as increased interest in the Mac. By crossing over mobile and desktop operating systems, Apple has managed to find growth in markets where competitors are limited to primarily a single hardware platform.

Ms. Atwal is estimating PC shipments will come in a little over 305 million units in 2013, while tablets will almost hit 202 million, and mobile phone shipments will come in just shy of 2 billion. Operating system shipments will come in at almost 867 million units for Android, a little over 296 million for iOS and OSX combined, and 339.5 million for Microsoft's Windows.

Those numbers mean that, despite the fact that Apple is the only company that makes devices running its operating systems, it is still managing to increase its piece of the pie in the face of Android and Windows, both of which run on hardware from multiple vendors.

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Apple has managed to carve out a piece of the market where it managed to be among the most valuable companies in the world based on a combination of profit margins and sheer number of devices sold despite the fact that more Android devices and Windows PCs are sold every month. That's a pretty good market strategy that Apple's competitors just haven't been able to copy.

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That’s a pretty good market strategy that Apple’s competitors just haven’t been able to copy.

It’s not that they haven’t tried. It’s one thing to see a move; it’s another thing to execute it.

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