Growl 1.2 Adds 64-bit Snow Leopard Support

Growl 1.2 snuck out on Wednesday with full support for 64-bit Macs running Snow Leopard. The update for the system activity notification utility also dropped support for Mac OS X 10.4, or Tiger, for improved OS compatibility moving forward.

Version 1.2 improved reliability of Growl's menu bar status, added 64-bit clean versions of the GrowlMail and GrowlSafari plug-ins, improved the uninstaller application, fixed several bugs and memory leaks, and more.

Some of the release notes for version 1.2:


  • Requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Much behind-the-scenes modernization, especially in our Xcode projects
  • Installer packages are now Leopard-only flat packages
  • Updated copyright years ([2d6a42405815], [d5c59f2bfcc3])


  • Now 64-bit clean, so you no longer need to relaunch System Preferences into 32-bit mode
  • Now warns when you try to install a plug-in that won't work under the current architecture, such as a 32-bit-only plug-in on a 64-bit Mac running Snow Leopard ([051a29104de7], [18f28b64e39d])
  • Fixed autorelease-pool messages piling up in the Console ([1e9e11a7092f])
  • Adding Growl and the menu-bar status item to your Login Items list may be more reliable now ([5c1d8f5e64c2], [b846a7b597a6])
  • Now code-signed, to make updating less of a hassle for Prowl users ([323aadb577b1])
  • Prefpane should no longer crash when it's missing GrowlHelperApp and GrowlMenu ([21845064880c], [0e19238de90f])
  • Fixed a crash when the computer has no explicitly-set name ([88e9c44bbbdc]), ([b000509c2696]), ([82f50f3678bb])
  • Fixed various leaks, most only under garbage-collection, detected by the Clang Static Analyzer ([0e9b6b0b1e25], [680abae744d7], [48b7c994f6c8], [1e66707c1402])
  • Fixed various other bugs found by the Clang Static Analyzer ([8e5827d639dc], [e4bc764cf865], [e6763de09830])
  • Fixed Installer package only opening System Preferences, not the Growl preference pane ([939a07eddf5e])
  • Removed ability to install to the Home folder, because that's broken in current versions of Installer ([66804e7ecfe3]; Installer bug filed as #7215243)

You can find more information on the Growl Web site, as well as download links for the free update.