Grungetastic Adds Distressed Effects to iPhone Photos

| Product News

JixiPixi announced the immediate availability of Grungetastic 1.0 on Monday. Grungetastic is an image filter app for the iPhone and fourth generation iPod touch that adds weathered and distressed effects to photos.

Grungetastic for the iPhone

Grungetastic includes about 80 image overlay effects along with about 40 different image borders that can be mixed and matched. The app includes an option to randomly select an effect and border, a preview mode, the ability to save custom effect combinations as presets, and the ability to email images in-app.

Grungetastic is priced at US$0.99 and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.


John Dingler, artist

These are pre-fab grungies promising to fall into the same category that Photoshop filter effects do; People will recognize them as Grungtastics and see little true value in their results.

What would be of real value is an App producing algorithmic grunges on the fly, so that they would be as varied as snowflakes and not identified as Grungtastics.

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