Guy Kawasaki Offers Mac Retrospective with Videos & Pics

Among the many, many tributes to the Mac's 25th birthday circulating around the Internet right now, former Mac evangelist Guy Kawasaki has posted his own retrospective that includes a video of then Apple Chairman Steve Jobs introducing the Mac to Apple employees in late 1983, the famous original "1984" commercial, pictures of memorabilia, and pictures of the development team taken at an insider party held to commemorate the Mac's birthday over the weekend.

The photographs from the party include a virtual who's who of early Mac names, including Steve Capps, Andy Hertzfeld, Chris Espinosa, bill Fernandez, John Rizzo, Daniel Lewin, Barbara Koalkin, Randy Wigginton, Bruce Horn, Susan Kare, and many, many more.

For those who haven't seen videos from the early presentations, they offer a very interesting snapshot of the state of the computing industry at the time. The video below is part introduction of the Mac, and part introduction of the "1984" commercial to Apple employees.

Part of Steve Jobs's introduction of the Mac and the "1984" commercial in 1983