GV Mobile + for iPhone Adds Push Support, More

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SK Dev Solutions rolled out a new update for its Google Voice app for iOS, GV Mobile +, on Friday. The update added support for Push notifications and picture messaging, and sports a redesigned user interface.

GV Mobile +Gv Mobile + for the iPhone

The eloquently labeled 2.0.031811 update added support for texting up to five recipients at once, the ability to search in-app, GV folders, voicemail transcription during playback, the ability to perform actions such as tagging items are read or unread, spam, blocked, and more. The update also reenabled spell check and favorites support, added support for loading older data, added more call methods, added limited support for non-standard Gmail-only GV accounts, and added a new setup wizard.

GV Mobile + is priced at US$2.99 and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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with them adding “limited support for non-standard Gmail-only GV accounts” this now becomes a must have app for all Canadians and anyone not living in the US. Very nice indeed, downloading it now.


Bummer, waste of money for anyone outside the US IMHO. Talkatone is still the way to go and free.


uh, Talkatone sucks.

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