H-Squared Shows Mini rack for Mounting Mac mini

| Macworld/iWorld Expo

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — H-Squared, maker of mounting products for many Apple devices, was showing a preview of their Mini rack mounting system at the recent Macworld Expo show. With Apple discontinuing their Xserve line of rack mountable computers, the Mini rack will provide a solution for those who want to use the Mac mini with the convenience of a rack mount solution.

Mini rackMini rack from H-Squared

Each Mini rack can accommodate up to six Mac mini (mid 2010) computers which have a removable bottom panel. The Mac mini is mounted in a vertical orientation, allowing easy access to all of the mini’s ports, and allowing the mini to vent heat via the exhaust port.  The cables attached to the mini are channeled via the center of the Mini rack and fed to the rear of the rack. The Mini rack also has power indicator lights so you can see at a glance which minis are on.

A standard rack shelf can contain up to three Mini rack units, with a height of 5U with Mac minis attached. Final pricing has yet to be determined, but should be in the $500 range for each Mini rack unit, and will be available in March 2011.

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5U? for a mini? eek come on now, waste space much?

John F. Braun

5U? for a mini? eek come on now, waste space much?

Put in context, you are getting the potential for mounting up to 18 Mac minis, each with two cores, so having 36 cores in the space of 5U doesn’t seem like such a waste.


Just to clarify, that’s up to 18 Mac minis in 5U (6 minis per rack and up to 3 racks per shelf).


Very interesting.  18 in a 5U space!  We are currently doing 8 mac mini’s in a 5U space on 208v 3PH power with our mac mini colo product.  As DC floor space demands a premium this will be a very good product.  Please contact me with more info.


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