Hack Overcomes Middle East FaceTime Block

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iPhone 4 owners in Middle East areas where Apple’s FaceTime feature has been blocked can finally get in on the video chat fun thanks to a new hack from the team at iPhoneIslam.

The hack, called FaceTime Hacktivator, requires a jailbroken iPhone 4 and the Cydia app. Users will need to add apps.iphoneislam.com to Cydia’s sources list before the app will show up.

Want FaceTime in blocked regions? Try FaceTime Hacktivator

Apple blocked FaceTime support in several Middle East regions with the release of iOS 4.1 presumably as a preemptive measure to avoid running into problems with local laws.

Since FaceTime Hacktivator requires jailbreaking, or hacking your iPhone to allow the installation of third-party apps that aren’t available through the App Store, it’s a good idea to steer clear of it if you aren’t comfortable with the jailbreak process. Apple won’t offer support for hacked iPhones, either, so be sure to keep that in mind before jailbreaking, too.

[Thanks to techania for the heads up.]

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Is it blocked for phones bought there or phones used there?


disabled by the firmware/model number (ending with AE. AB)

Lee Dronick

disabled by the firmware/model number (ending with AE. AB)

Khaled, I am assuming that AE means sold in the United Arab Emirates is that correct? For what country, or region, is AB?


with the 3G and 3GS iPhones sold in saudi, uae, egypt, jordan and Qatar had the model number ending with AB only, most likely meaning “AraB”.

With the 3GS I noticed that model numbers are different, UAE, Qatar and Saudi got iPhones with model number ending with AE. Egypt got AB.

Tunisia is the only country with FaceTime and I can’t figure what’s their model numbers.

As for iPod touches, the models sold by ABM (mds’ distributor in the region) end with AB and as you can guess: no facetime.


Thanks, Khaled.

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