Hackers Release Untethered Apple TV Jailbreak

The Chronic Dev Team announced via Twitter Monday the release of GreenPois0n RC6, an “untethered” jailbreak for Apple TV that allows users to jailbreak the current Apple TV model without having to re-jailbreak it every time it’s rebooted.

The process of jailbreaking refers to hacking the software of a device — in this case Apple’s current Apple TV — to remove any restrictions on access to that software. Apple locks its iOS devices in such a way that users can’t access the operating system or other software components, and jailbreaking removes that block.

There be an untethered Apple TV jailbreak. Yar!

Doing so allows users to install unauthorized software, and in the case of Apple TV to play back and access more video and audio formats than Apple otherwise builds into the device.

It also voids your warranty and in no way are we recommending that you jailbreak your Apple TV.

There are various competing jailbreaking camps out there, but this is the first time we’ve noted an untethered jailbreak for the Apple TV.