Halloween App Store Roundup for iPhone & iPad

All Hallows Eve is next Monday, and there are plenty of ways to partake of the season with your iOS device. We rounded up a dozen seasonally-themed apps to help you get in on the fun, including lots of zombie apps!

ZombiePanic - (US$1.99 - for iPhone)

ZombiePanic is like “Let’s Make a Deal” for the post-apocalypse era. Behind door #1 is a zombie, or is it a survivor? Your on-the-spot decision making determines whether a zombie dies or a survivor lives. And make sure it’s not vice versa! You’re job is to clear the area and mark each door with a smiley face. Your skills and weapons improve along the way making it easier and quicker to get the job done.


ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier - ($0.99 - Hybrid App for iPhone and iPad)

Want to be able to recognize you family and friends after they’ve joined the undead? ZombieBooth: 3D Zombifier (TMO first discovered this app at Macworld 2011) can help you visualize what they might look like. Take a snapshot of someone and then tap the screen to have them instantly be transformed. Your 2D picture becomes a 3D animated, snarling, ravenous beast. Touch the screen and the zombie follows your finger. Get it close enough, and they’ll do their best to eat it! You can save the videos and share them through Twitter.

WARNING: this app is not appropriate for children or the faint-hearted. It’s life-like graphics can be a bit too realistic for some.



Ghost Harvest - (Free - for iPhone)

There’s not better place to spend an October evening than a graveyard, and Ghost Harvest gives you the perfect excuse. Landscape your own little corner to spend eternity in, including placing trees, graves, statues, paths, etc. Every time the graves you place send souls to their maker, you earn coins to help you improve and expand your cemetery. It not all fun and games though, you also have to defend your peace from the invaders trying to take it from you. No rest for the wicked here!

Ghost Harvest

Swing the Bat - ($0.99 - Hybrid App)

Swing the Bat has nothing to do with baseball. It’s more like tetherball, actually. Imagine a bat on the end of a rope, swinging from tree to tree. Wacky, but fun. The bat alone makes this a halloween-themed game, but there’s also costumes. The better you do, the more you can dress up. It’s a little difficult, but not too scary, which makes it just fine for the younger goblins.

Swing the Bat

Finger Zombies! -(Free - Hybrid App)

Finger Zombies! 3D Halloween Playground for the Angry Undead is a fun interactive game where you keep the zombies at the local cemetery happy by feeding them like pets. You use your fingers to control the game. Drag across the screen to have your zombies follow. Double tap a tombstone to raise a zombie. Double tap the ground to produce a human (for consumption). Pinch to zoom works too. You can use your own image as the cemetery backdrop if you’d like. And you can turn off the blood effects if they’re not your thing. Try your hand at this game, literally.

Finger Zombies!

Halloween Defence - ($1.99 - Hybrid App)

In Halloween Defense the village is about to be invaded by possessed pumpkins and your job is to stop them. You have several cannons stationed along the paths into town and they are strategically placed to knock off the pumpkins as they approach. The challenge is to be in the best position to take them out and, of course, to actually hit the targets. Do it quick before they overrun the place!

Halloween Defence

Other seasonal choices to check out: