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During the keynote announcement Apple indicated that Apple Watch is built to be worn and used all day and charged at night, and at this stage that's all the battery life data we'll get. Presumably that means it'll last a full day, but who knows? Maybe it'll last two. 

As for price, Apple has said the Apple Watch will "start at $349." Presumably that's for the cheapest model with the cheapest bracelet/band, though it wouldn't surprise me if that price nudged down $50 by the time things launch.

It also wouldn't surprise me if the price of the top end, gold "Edition" model with a matching bracelet costs upwards of $1000 when all is said and done. I think there will be quite a range of prices depending upon which model and bracelet/band you choose.

The Bracelets

There were a ton of different bracelets on display with the watches today, and my guess is we'll see even more, both from Apple as well as third parties. The bracelet itself can be removed from Apple Watch with a simple push of a button, making quick changes really easy. Use your sport band while out for a run, then swap into your metal bracelet for a dinner date.

On Display

On Display

The Verdict

It's too soon to tell how much of a hit this will be. Not only is the Apple Watch the first of a completely new product line for Apple, it's not yet finished. There are more questions unanswered than answered at this point, and I think that will continue through the initial rollout of the device.

Apple has chosen to enter the wearables market not just with a band that users could wear alongside a wristwatch, but instead with a fully-functioning watch that also has fitness features and is complementary to the iPhone. That means users have to be willing to start wearing a watch if they don't already or replace their existing wristwatch(es) with Apple's offering.

Price aside, that may be the toughest sell of all here, and it will be very interesting to see if a mechanical watch geek like me is swayed by the curves and taps of the Apple Watch. I'm open to the possibility and am eagerly awaiting its launch!

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Can’t help but wonder if the copiers in Korea have started overheating. They should have their facsimiles in the market just a couple of weeks before the AppleWatch is available for sale. And since the courts seem to make sure that they drag things out long enough so that the design concepts lose all their validity, intellectual property protection is non-existent.


Lee Dronick

From I remember from the demo, the button on the side brings up “favorites”


I believe that the Apple Watch video states the button below the crown (or above the crown if you wear it left-handed) brings up your contact list of friends with Apple Watches. This was how you entered the watch-to-watch communications mode. What they didn’t show was how the person on the receiving end was notified that someone wanted to watch-chat with them.

Can I have a group watch-chat? What if I want to send my heartbeat to both my wife and my girlfriend?

Lee Dronick

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