Hands On Pics of Apple's iPad mini, 4th Gen iPad

Apple announced the iPad mini during Tuesday's media event, and TMO's Dave Hamilton was there to get us some hands-on pics of the device, as well as Apple 4th generation iPad with Retina Display.

The first image shows the iPad mini with a fantastic website on the left. On the right is a white iPad with Retina Display. Bizarrely, the iPad with Retina Display is not open to TMO.

iPad & iPad Mini

iPad mini & iPad with Retina Display

Next, we have the 4th generation iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone 5.

iOS Family

iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5

One of the biggest questions for people is how this new iOS tablet will fit in the hand. We have two photos showing it in portrait mode and landscape mode, both held in one hand.

iPad mini

iPad mini—Portrait

iPad mini

iPad mini—Landscape

Dave also showed the device being stood up using Apple's Smart Cover in stand-mode. For those keeping score at home, it was stable.

iPad mini

iPad mini with Smart Cover Stand

iPad mini

iPad mini with Smart Cover and iBooks

Lastly, Dave snuck a pic of someone else using the iPad mini, a great way to see how it really looks in use.

iPad mini

iPad mini—Action Photo