Hands On Photos of Apple’s New iPad

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SAN FRANCISCO - Apple introduced the new iPad (3rd Generation) on Wednesday at a media event here in San Francisco, and Bob LeVitus was on hand. He took the following photographs at the hands-on session, which we’re presenting to you.

Dr. Mac said that, by and large, the device look and handled like the iPad 2, but one with a much higher resolution. That higher resolution needs to be seen in person to be appreciated, but these photos do manage to convey some of the coolness of the new device.

Hands On Photo

New iPad Home Screen

Hands On Photo

iPhoto for New iPad

Hands On Photo


Hands On Photo

iPad Home Screen

Hands On Photo

Air Supremacy for New iPad

Hands On Photo

Just a Pinch of Zoom…Get it? Pinch of Zoom…?

The new iPad is available for pre-order now and it is scheduled to ship on Friday, March 16th.



I can’t believe this 9.7-inch screen has a significantly higher pixel count than my 21.5-inch iMac. I’m more excited about this iPad than I ever was about the previous models. Reading on it will be amazing.


The demand for these must be thru the roof. I couldn’t get onto the Apple Store web page for six or so hours after the announcement.

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