Happy Memorial Day

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In honor of Memorial Day, a U.S. holiday, the staff of The Mac Observer will be taking the day off. We will resume our regular coverage of the Apple Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad world on Tuesday, May 31st, 2011.

U.S, Flag



We don’t honor the day, but the people of the armed forces (past & present). raspberry


Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all troops past, present and future for the sacrifice you make for our country and our people. It’s not enough, but as an individual, it’s what I can offer.

In Honor

ravedog- you want a raspberry?

For many occasions Google puts up special ornate home pages.  We even got the logo as a playable Pac-Man game to celebrate the coin-eater’s anniversary.

So what wondrous thing did Google do to honor our veterans and those in the armed forces?  Try a 1-inch flag at the bottom of the screen. :( :( :(

Bing may have gotten another switcher today….

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