Hard Candy Cases Claims Early Access to “iTouch 4G” Specs

Hard Candy Cases announced a case for Apple’s iPod touch 4G, or the “iTouch 4G” as the company erroneously called it, claiming early access to the specs for the device, which hasn’t actually been announced yet. Apple is expected to update the iPod touch line during a media event to be held tomorrow, September 1st, in San Francisco.

“Our sources learned the specs for the newest iTouch 4G about 30 days ago, and we’re happy to announce that over the weekend, we finished the tooling process – which will allow us to be first to market with products that fit the new device and look great at the same time,” said Tim Hickman, founder of Hard Candy Cases. “This is the third launch that Hard Candy Cases has beat other manufacturers to market for Apple products – starting with the iPad and iPhone 4, and now the iTouch 4G. We look forward to continuing the tradition.”

The case the company is shipping includes an opening for a rear-facing camera. If the company’s sources are correct, that would mean that Apple is planning on finally adding such a camera to the device, something that other leaks have recently suggested, as well.

“Street Skin for iTouch 4G” will ship in mid-September, just ahead of when Hard Candy Cases said the iPod touch 4G would ship. It will be priced at US$29.95.

Former Apple manager Paul Shin Devine could not be reached for comment.

Street Skin Case for iPod touch 4G

iPod touch 4G “Street Skin” Case