Hard Candy Cases Claims Early Access to “iTouch 4G” Specs

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Hard Candy Cases announced a case for Apple’s iPod touch 4G, or the “iTouch 4G” as the company erroneously called it, claiming early access to the specs for the device, which hasn’t actually been announced yet. Apple is expected to update the iPod touch line during a media event to be held tomorrow, September 1st, in San Francisco.

“Our sources learned the specs for the newest iTouch 4G about 30 days ago, and we’re happy to announce that over the weekend, we finished the tooling process – which will allow us to be first to market with products that fit the new device and look great at the same time,” said Tim Hickman, founder of Hard Candy Cases. “This is the third launch that Hard Candy Cases has beat other manufacturers to market for Apple products – starting with the iPad and iPhone 4, and now the iTouch 4G. We look forward to continuing the tradition.”

The case the company is shipping includes an opening for a rear-facing camera. If the company’s sources are correct, that would mean that Apple is planning on finally adding such a camera to the device, something that other leaks have recently suggested, as well.

“Street Skin for iTouch 4G” will ship in mid-September, just ahead of when Hard Candy Cases said the iPod touch 4G would ship. It will be priced at US$29.95.

Former Apple manager Paul Shin Devine could not be reached for comment.

Street Skin Case for iPod touch 4G

iPod touch 4G “Street Skin” Case

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If true, this will be the last time Hard Candy gets access to ANYTHING from apple.


It looks like there’s no flash for the camera, but instead comes with a rear-facing microphone to block out background noise while using face-time.  Neat!

Steve Bohanan

Note to Self:  Remove Hard Candy Cases early access permission on 9/2/2010 - Steve Jobs

Joe Schmoe

Apple doesn’t especially like it when one of their vendors steals their thunder.

I hope these guys understand they will never, ever, ever get access to Apple’s product info early in the future.


Jobs will be (rightly) pissed. The only way they get that kind of info is if they signed an NDA, which they just violated. I hope they also enjoy being sued by Apple for violating their NDA.


The only way they get that kind of info is if they signed an NDA, which they just violated. I hope they also enjoy being sued by Apple for violating their NDA.

They really didn’t give anything away.  They just announced that they knew what the specs were, but they never gave them to us.  No thunder was stolen.


could this not be the iphone 3G/ 3G S with a tiny “microphone” spot photo shopped in?
i mean, the lock button IS on the wrong side compared to every other ipod touch.


Looking at the bottom its looks pretty much
photochopped in… unless they angled the charger
port this time…
all they did was elevate steves blood pressure…

Bryan Chaffin

I personally doubt the company’s early access came from Apple. It’s likely that it came from one of Apple’s OEMs, or possibly indirectly from the information that had been being leaked by former Apple manager Paul Devine.

Hard Candy would not be bragging about that early access otherwise.

Jeeve Stobs

Gosh, thirty bucks for a piece of plastic. That’s a surprise…


we will find out the specs in a few hours….... i hope it is the current pricing!?


So you seriously bribed a vendor in China, what’s new out
of that crime-ridden country?

Apple should investigate its vendors, find out where the leak
came from, and simply cut that vendor out.

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