Hare Today, Goon Tomorrow: Apple Pulls MiTube from App Store

MiTube, an iPhone and iPad app we covered Wednesday, has already been pulled from the App Store. The app allowed users to view YouTube videos, but it had the bonus feature of allowing you to download those same videos.

In our coverage of the app, we quipped, “If you’re interested in the app, you may want to download it while you can. We’re just sayin’…” Sure enough, within a few short hours, the app was no longer available.

The developer of the app, Max Wiesel, said on his Web site: “Just received a call from Apple Legal. MiTube will be taken out of the App Store within the hour. It’s currently 33 in top free apps! All in less than 24 hours. UPDATE: MiTube is officially down. Top 7 in less than 24 hours!”

There’s no mystery on why the app was pulled. The same developer had a similar app called MxTube that was pulled in 2009. The real mystery is how it got approved in the first place.

MiTube no longer available

Hare today, goon tomorrow