HARMAN Announces JBL Legend CP100 Aftermarket Receiver with CarPlay Support

LAS VEGAS - Audio firm HARMAN late Tuesday introduced the JBL Legend CP100, an aftermarket in-dash receiver that adds a number of current mobile technologies, including Apple CarPlay, to existing vehicles.

The CP100 features a 6.75-inch touch screen, support for rear cameras and steering wheel interfaces, and all of the usual "infotainment" capabilities: AM/FM tuner, USB input, Bluetooth 3.0, and pre-amp outputs.

jbl legend cp100Image via HARMAN

Setting the device apart from other products in HARMAN's lineup, however, is support for CarPlay and Android Auto, letting drivers experience these emerging platforms without needing to purchase a new vehicle. The CP100's "push to talk" function also integrates directly with both platforms, allowing users to query Siri or Google Now without needing to take their hands off of the steering wheel.

The JPL Legend CP100 isn't the first aftermarket in-dash solution to support CarPlay, but HARMAN's Jeffrey Fay distinguishes it as the one of the cheapest options:

We wanted to leverage our extensive and established market leading head unit know-how to create a system that would provide stunning performance and integration at a market leading price point. The JBL Legend CP100 has clean graphics and simple design that lets drivers easily find what they are looking for while on the road. Packed with the latest technology and design advancements at an affordable price, JBL’s Legend CP100 is an outstanding performer.

Availability has not yet been announced but you'll be able to find the JPL Legend CP100 for $399 when it eventually hits retailers.