Harry Potter Books Go Digital, Skip Apple’s iBookstore

Harry Potter fans hoping to read the popular book series on screen instead of on printed pages won’t have to wait much longer because author J.K. Rowling has finally agreed to release the titles as ebooks. The books won’t, however, be available through Apple’s iBookstore — or any other ebook reseller — because she’s selling the ebooks through her new Pottermore Web site.

Harry Potter ebooks coming in OctoberThe Harry Potter series as ebooks in October

The Pottermore Web site will launch on July 31, according to the Wall Street Journal, but the Harry Potter book series won’t be available for purchase and download until October.

Even though Ms. Rowling won’t be selling the ebook versions of the Harry Potter series through mainstream sources, like the iBookstore or Amazon.com’s Kindle ebook store, the books will still be compatible with any ebook reader including Apple’s iPad.

Fans that sign up for free accounts at the Pottermore Web site will also get access to content that never made it into the series, such as back stories for characters such as Professor McGonagall. They can also play online games based on the seven book series.

Ms. Rowling has not yet said how much she will charge for the ebook versions of the Harry Potter series.