Harry Potter Books Skip iBookstore, Come to iPad

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J.K. Rowling’s popular Harry Potter book series is finally available as iPad-compatible ebooks, but the titles aren’t available through Apple’s iBookstore. Instead, Ms. Rowling is maintaining control over the ebook distribution process by selling them directly through her own site, Pottermore.

Harry Potter books go ePubHarry Potter books go ePub

The complete seven-book series is available in ePub format, which is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch iBooks app. By sticking with the ePub standard, the books can be read on a wide range of ebook readers and tablets, too.

While Ms. Rowling may prefer people purchase the ebooks through her Pottermore website, they are available for Amazon’s Kindle ebook readers through Amazon.com. On Tuesday, Barnes & Noble also announced that they were available through its site for the company’s Nook ereaders and tablets.

The launch of the ePub versions for iPad and versons for Kindle and Nook mark the first time the Harry Potter titles have been officially offered in digital form.

The Harry Potter ebooks range from US$7.99 up to $9.99, and the complete seven book set costs $57.54.

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“Ms. Rowling is maintaining control over the ebook distribution process.”

Well, good for Ms. Rowling. Except by doing it this way she will only sell a fraction of the e-books she could have sold if she had sold her e-books through the established e-book stores at Amazon.com, iBook Store and Barnes & Nobles’.

By “going it alone” in this way Ms. Rowling is only making it harder for customers to discover and buy her Harry Potter e-books. And the sales numbers will show that quite clearly.


And the sales numbers will show that quite clearly.

Aren’t we being a little hasty ?

The Potterites will find it I’m sure. The number of fans sites devoted to all things Harry will certainly spread the word of it’s availability….


Actually, they AREN’T available at Barnes & Noble OR Amazon. You have to buy them at Pottermore regardless of what ebook reader you use. B&N and Amazon have web pages touting the ebooks new availability, but if you actually read the pages, you’ll see you have to go to the 3rd party site (JKRowlings, partnered with Sony) to buy them.

In this case, everyone is being treated the same. Apple has just chosen not to feature someone else’s site. It’s pretty amazing that Amazon and B&N are using this as a tool to promote their devices, because they aren’t making much money from it. (There may be a “referral” or “affiliate” payment a la Amazon’s referral program for sites that direct customers, but that won’t be more than 15%).


For those of you considering this site..it is the worst e-commerce site I have ever experienced. Check this..it judges your password (I used one that was then letters and a number). It adjudicated mine as weak..and IT WOULDN"T ALLOW ME TO BUY THE BOOK! Can you conceive of the nanny-istic arrogance of this. Because they consider my password, for my account, too weak, they won’t take my money. Many other design flaws on the site, but that one really is uniquely mind blowing. Protest. Don’t accept this.

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