Hasbro Bringing 3D to the iPhone

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Hasbro plans to bring the iPhone and iPod touch into the world of 3D with its My3D add-on. The device will let users view entertainment, travel and gaming content in 3D, and should be available next spring.

My3D will attach to the user’s iPhone or iPod touch and looks similar to binoculars. When users look through the My3D viewer, they’ll see a three dimensional environment that moves as they look up or down, or turn.

Hasbro’s My3D

Hasbro said Apple helped during the design process, and the toy maker expects the device will surpass any 3D experience currently available for the iPhone or iPod touch. The company has also been working with the 3D content experts at Dreamworks Animation.

Content is already in development for the My3D from the new 3D TV network being co-developed by Discovery, Imax and Sony, and the Los Angeles Convention and Vistors Bureau is developing virtual tours of the Santa Monica Pier and the Wax Museum.

Content for the My3D will be available through Apple’s App Store, and the device will sell for US$30.

[Thanks to Yahoo! Finance for the heads up.]



Holy Shit! 3D technologies in mobile phones! When I look at this progress I can’t believe that several years ago I worked on computer which couldn’t support Duke Nukem and failed every half an hour when I played Doom.

But the most amazing thing is that my old computer when it was bought cost much more that iPhone with this toy. If progress will develop so quickly its dangerous to remain in the past day.


Wow, this viewer looks a lot less dorky than the glasses used to watch 3DTV. /snark


I’m still waiting for this to be embedded in my glasses.  (But not in my eyes, thank you.)

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