HBO GO, WatchESPN & More Come to Apple TV

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Apple expanded its content lineup for Apple TV on Wednesday when it announced that HBO GO and WatchESPN are both available directly through the home entertainment device. Along with HBO and ESPN, Apple also added Sky News, Crunchyroll and Qello to the Apple TV lineup.

APple TV Adds HBO GO, WatchESPN & moreApple TV Adds HBO GO, WatchESPN & more

Adding the new stations to Apple TV requires a software update that will install automatically as part of the weekly update check cycle, or you can force the update to install now by navigating to Settings > General > Update Software on your Apple TV.

Earlier this year CW announced that it will be bringing its shows to Apple TV as well. At the time, CEO Mark Pedowitz said viewers won't need a paid subscription to watch the network's shows, although he didn't say exactly when they'll be available.

HBO GO and WatchESPN require cable TV subscriptions just like other premium channels, so don't expect to be able to Watch Game of Thrones for free.

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Apple TV is looking a little less like a hobby.

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I’d be much happier if they gave us a damn browser already. AirParrot for video leaves much to be desired.


Does anyone know of somewhere that lists what AppleTV carries in Canada? I’ve thought about it a fair amount but with Netflix and so many other services completely hamstrung this side of the border I haven’t wanted to commit.

Lee Dronick

Perhaps it is time that buy one, I finally bought a few digital TVs. I am still using a ‘70s era tuner and amplifier for my audio needs.


I’m not as happy as I could be with mine. The lack of browser is even more glaring with screen sharing built-in from OS X than without it. That said…

I have been really happy with it otherwise. I like the seamless music sharing and the Netflix app is much better on the AppleTV than it is an an app on my TV.

The only other disappointment is YouTube. It bites on AppleTV. Not sure if it’s a conspiracy (deliberate) or not and not sure who might be at fault (Apple, Google, or ISP) but it’s almost impossible to watch a video without numerous pauses. And for a search company, YouTube has dismal search. If I type in an artist and song name, why would YT think that a crappy parody video with a few hundred views is a better result than the actual video that has millions of views already? Who knows. It’s a problem exacerbated by the interface, which does not reward having to change or modify a search.

Geo, you might consider a VPN service to circumvent geolocation.


I’ve considered an Apple TV purchase, but the interface has dissuaded me. I’ve seen an iOS 7 clip on the ATV interface and it’s pretty unimpressive: dark and dismal. IMO Apple needs to improve it a lot.


We have been using our Apple TV for more than 2 years. We enjoy what it offers and look forward to more features. We get to watch Red Sox games here in Florida without using our Macs. We have enjoyed Netflix and Hulu+ at times. We have also rented several movies.

I expect this device to get an upgrade in hardware after iOS 7 is released (just a hunch). Eventually, ATV will act like other iOS devices when it is opened up to apps. This will require flash memory and appropriate I/O devices.


Since we dumped cable, the three AppleTVs we have get a work out, mostly for kids shows for our 3 year old. If you have kids, AppleTV + Netflix is a no brainer. I can’t wait to try the WatchESPN app as I’ll be curious if it works. My ISP, Frontier provides access to WatchESPN for free as part of their service, but it only seems to work through the desktop. If I try and use the WatchESPN app to watch, it says I need a cable subscription. I’ll be curious since the AppleTV is ONLY getting its data from the ISP.


I know nothing about Apple TV, but I’m guessing that none of this is available for Mac or iPad, right?  I’m asking because I am also a cable-cutter, and while I have Netflix on both my iMac and iPad mini, I sure do miss ESPN and CNN.


There is a WatchESPN app for iPad. I had it, and it didn’t work for me for the reasons above. CNN has an app too.

I tried connecting to WatchESPN through the AppleTV and it didn’t work. Same problem I have with my iOS devices. My ISP has some sort of weird deal with them. Looks like still no soccer for me. I’ll contact my ISP and see what’s up.


There is HBO Go for the iPad. It is also available on the web. Does require that your cable provider (or whomever) has signed on with them. It isn’t free to use. It requires that you have HBO as part of your package.

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