HBO Go Coming to iPad, Skips Netflix

HBO’s planned streaming service, HBO Go, will be coming to Apple’s iPad, but don’t expect to see the network’s library on Instant Netflix any time soon.

HBO co-president, Eric Kessler, said the new service will let subscribers stream shows to their portable devices and should be ready to roll in about six months, according to Bloomberg.

While Netflix already has deals in place with other companies to offer on-demand content streaming, it doesn’t look like HBO has any interest in getting on board. “There is value in exclusivity,” Mr. Kessler said.

According to Mr. Kessler, consumers are willing to pay for exclusive content. Keeping shows off of Netflix’s streaming service looks to be one way HBO plans to create that sense of exclusivity.

For iPad owners, that means they’ll have to download HBO’s app along with the Netflix app to stream content from both companies.