iOS 8: HealthKit for the iPhone Appears at WWDC

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As part of the keynote at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, Craig Federighi outlined its brand new HealthKit service and Health app on Monday. HealthKit is part of the just announced iOS 8, which was officially confirmed during Apple's keynote event along with OS X Yosemite.

Apple wants to be your fitness hub with HealthKitApple wants to be your fitness hub with HealthKit

HealthKit consolidates the health and fitness information from tracking devices like Nike's FuelBand, then displays that information in the Health app. Users can control which apps have access to Health, and it can proactively monitor users and alert doctors if necessary when health status changes are detected.

When users take blood pressure readings, for example, the data can be sent automatically to their doctor for analysis. The Mayo Clinic is partnering with Apple to use HealthKit, and Nike is addind support to its running apps.

Since TMO is attending the event, expect more coverage throughout the week, and follow along with our live keynote coverage.

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I believe I heard them mention Epic Systems, which is the software run by about half of the US’s hospitals. They then showed a list of a bunch of high-profile health care organizations which are probably users of Epic Systems software.  So all of those organizations will get similar monitoring and alert systems as mentioned with Mayo Clinic.

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