HELP! My iPod touch Won’t Make Calls!

From our Tee-Hee-Hee-GASP-Facepalm bureau, we bring you a funny little item posted to from a sales rep or help desk staffer at an Apple iPhone retail location. The problem presented to the anonymous staffer was that the customer’s iPhone wouldn’t make phone calls, while everyone telling her it was really an iPod touch were merely idiots.

Customer: “Here it is. It won’t make phone calls.” *hands it to me*

Me: “Ma’am, this is an iPod Touch.”

Customer: “That’s exactly what that dumba** in the phone department told me. God, are all you people stupid?! iPods look like this!” *holds up an iPod Classic*

The solution, of course, is printed right on Apple’s packaging, and you should check out the full post to enjoy the full hilarity of what happens when a self-centered world view collides with reality.

iPod touch phone calls