Henge Docks Allow Apple Notebooks to be Grab-n-Go

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SAN FRANCISCO — Apple notebooks often pull desktop duty, including being plugged into a variety of peripherals. It can be a chore to disconnect all the cables and cords to free the device for the roaming life it was made for. Docks are the solution to this problem, and Henge Docks solves this by including connections to ports as part of the dock, allowing you to take your notebook without unplugging anything.


Henge Docks

If Apple products are all about a clean, functional style, Henge Docks has picked up that theme and produced a dock to match. The Henge Dock stores your notebook vertically, freeing up precious desktop real estate. Available currently for MacBooks and MacBook Pros, and soon to be available for MacBook Airs, the docks sell for US$59.95-$74.95 depending on the size of your notebook.


The dock’s base has connections for the ports found on the side of of Apple notebooks. You can choose to add connections for all ports or just the ones you use as each connector can be added individually. This allows you to simply drop (okay, not DROP) your notebook into the dock to couple to the installed connections. Out the back of the dock are the cables that connect to various devices. The cables are reasonably long to allow for spreading things out a bit. It would be simple to tuck this dock and your notebook behind a monitor and have a very small footprint on your desktop.

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In my opinion these are ugly, but yes they save real estate as a plus.  Before I got my Mac Pro I had a setup with a Rain mStand, and 24 inch ACD.

This device presumes the person at the desk has an external monitor to work on, and likely a semi-permanent / permanent desk.  Why not put it on a stand and have a 2nd monitor, rather than a closed book that might overheat?  I would invest in a nice stand and extra power supply for my desk.  It’s just as quick to unplug a magnetic power supply.

Pat Mahon

It?s just as quick to unplug a magnetic power supply.

I agree. This type of product seems redundant from the get go. With, what we think is, all Macs going forward from now, MagSafe and Thunderbolt cable connectors is all that’s needed. Plus I’m not sure that the heat vents best with the MacBook on it’s side like that.


I purchased a Henge Dock 6 months ago and have not yet been comfortable with placing my MB 17” into it! When trying to slip the MB into the dock there’s a crunching sound which leads me to believe something, not too healthy, is happening to one or more holes.

On the other hand I have a BookEndz at home which is more stable, well built (metal vs plastic for this one) and much easier to set up. If you find it necessary or beneficial to use a dock at all, I’d go for BookEndz.


I have been very happy with the Henge Dock for my MacBook Pro 17” laptop. I use almost all of the ports and, what can I say, it just works.

Someone was complaining that the dock assumes that you are using an external monitor. Well, duh, isn’t that the whole point of a dock?


Also a very happy user of a Henge Dock here.  We bought the MBP because it was the most power we could get for the price (and even beat the low-end Mac Pros in rendering tests).  The MBP does have the anti-glare screen for use out and about, but even so, the screen is not the best for production work so an external screen was essential anyway.

The dock works well, doesn’t look too bad, and the only disapointment is having to take the MBP out to use the power button to reset OS X occasionally.


Does anyone have a docking solution that allows both the Mac and an external monitor to be used?  I use the Mac as primary and an external monitor as secondary, and have to plug/unplug 4-7 cables each time I move the laptop.

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