Henge Docks Allow Apple Notebooks to be Grab-n-Go

SAN FRANCISCO — Apple notebooks often pull desktop duty, including being plugged into a variety of peripherals. It can be a chore to disconnect all the cables and cords to free the device for the roaming life it was made for. Docks are the solution to this problem, and Henge Docks solves this by including connections to ports as part of the dock, allowing you to take your notebook without unplugging anything.


Henge Docks

If Apple products are all about a clean, functional style, Henge Docks has picked up that theme and produced a dock to match. The Henge Dock stores your notebook vertically, freeing up precious desktop real estate. Available currently for MacBooks and MacBook Pros, and soon to be available for MacBook Airs, the docks sell for US$59.95-$74.95 depending on the size of your notebook.


The dock’s base has connections for the ports found on the side of of Apple notebooks. You can choose to add connections for all ports or just the ones you use as each connector can be added individually. This allows you to simply drop (okay, not DROP) your notebook into the dock to couple to the installed connections. Out the back of the dock are the cables that connect to various devices. The cables are reasonably long to allow for spreading things out a bit. It would be simple to tuck this dock and your notebook behind a monitor and have a very small footprint on your desktop.