Here Comes the Adjustment Bureau: Launchpad Control

That didn’t take too long: A young German developer named Andreas Ganske has released a preference pane for Lion called Launchpad Control. As the name suggests, the preference pane offers users greater control over what appears in Apple’s Launchpad, one of the new features in Lion.

Launchpad is Apple’s attempt to bring an iOS look and feel to finding and launching the applications on your Mac. It pulls all of the apps in your Applications and Utilities folders, as well as your Downloads folder, at least some of the time. It displays them on several screen into several screens, starting with Apple’s own apps, of course.

As most people who have been using the feature may have noticed, there could be a lot of apps on your Mac, including apps you will never run like Uninstallers or never run again, like firmware updaters, but you’ll see them all in Launchpad, anyway.

This is annoying for some users because Apple doesn’t offer any way to control which apps are included or any form of preference controls for the feature, which is where Mr. Ganske’s Launchpad Control comes in.

Launchpad Control will help you tame them by allowing you to hide all of the apps that you don’t want to see in Launchpad. As seen in the screenshot below, it offers you a list of the apps, all of which are checked by Apple’s default. We were able to quickly remove more than half of all the apps on our test Mac after installing the pane.

Launchpad Control Screenshot

Launchpad Control allows you to hide apps from

The preference pane currently shows up in System Preferences at the bottom under “Other,” with the label of “Launchpad.”

Launchpad Control Preference Pane

Launchpad Control is highlighted in this screenshot

Launchpad Control is Donationware, and it is available from Mr. Ganske’s website.