Here's Where to Buy 'Becoming Steve Jobs'

If Apple's executive team is to be believed, "Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader" is the biography about their company's co-founder to read, and it's out today. Turns out plenty of retailers are hoping you'll want to read it, too, so we rounded up a list of places ready to sell you a copy.

On the hunt for the new Steve Jobs biography? Here's where to find itOn the hunt for the new Steve Jobs biography? Here's where to find it


Amazon has the book available in the widest range of formats, and the best prices we've found so far. The Kindle ebook version is a dollar cheaper than anywhere else, and if you can get the Audible spoken book version for free with a no-cost trial membership.

Apple's iBookstore

The least expensive option after Amazon is Apple's own iBooks Store. Digital is your only option here because Apple doesn't sell print editions of books.


You can pick up the spoken book version of "Becoming Steve Jobs" from Audiobooksnow for less than Audible, and new members get a 50 percent discount on top of that. Memberships cost $5 a month. Membership earns you a 40 percent discount off your regular audio book purchases.

  • Audiobooksnow $12.50 (new members)
  • Audiobooksnow $25 (non-members)

Barnes & Noble

If you need instant gratification, Barnes & Noble has the new Steve Jobs biography in their stores. It'll cost you slightly more than buying from Amazon, but you can pick up your own hardcover copy and start reading today. B&N's Nook version is available, too, but it costs more than you'll pay anywhere else for a digital version.

  • Barnes & Noble $20.12 (hardcover)
  • Nook $14.99 (free sample)


Google is in on the digital book game,too, with its Google Play Books online store. Google matched Amazon's Kindle ebook price, so this is another way to get the digital version at the cheapest price around.

  • Google Play Books $11.99 (free sample)


If you need the hardcover version of "Becoming Steve Jobs" today and there isn't a Barnes & Noble or other bookstore nearby, odds are you're still pretty close to a Walmart. You'll pay a little more compared to Barnes & Noble, but you'll have your book in hand today.

  • Walmart $21.87 (hardcover)

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