Heron: Steam Machine, Chromodyne Arrive for iPhone

Triangle Studios' Heron: Steam Machine (US$0.99) and Celsius Game Studio's Chromodyne ($0.99) are now available at the App Store. The former is a Pipe Mania-style game that puts players in charge of a factory where a steam-powered engine produces rubber duckies. They must watch the steam, electricity, water, and oil gauges, connecting the right-colored pipe when a gauge starts to rise. The game ends if a gauge rises too much and explodes.

Chromodyne is a match-three puzzle game in which players defend the Earth against collisions with asteroids, comets, or other objects by using a Quantum Chromodyne Cyclotron to combine exotic matter and shoot it at the threat. In Story mode, the player defends Earth against aliens sending various threats its way, while in Survival mode they must keep a black hole from growing too large for as long as possible.