Hey Lady, Wanna Buy an iPad?

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A 22-year old woman was approached by two men, one with a gold tooth, who asked if she wanted to buy an iPad, according to a report from The New York Daily News. They claimed they had bought them in bulk and offered it for $300, far less than the $499 retail price.

For some, alarm bells might have begun going off right about then, but a “good deal” can be oh-so-hard to pass up. In any event, the woman had only $180 with her, but her two gentlemen salesmen quickly agreed to that.

Which apparently still didn’t set off any alarm bells in that she then gave them her $180. In return, they handed her a FedEx box and left in a white Chevy Impala, you know, the kind of car that businessmen who buy consumer electronic devices in bulk are wont to drive.

When she opened the box, she discovered that the scammers had taken a block of wood, covered the edges with black electrical tape, pasted on fake icons, and finished it off with a Best Buy ticket. You can see the actual “device” in the image below.

Because It's Made of Wood!

For $180, this could be yours!
Source: Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office

She has filed a report with the local police, however the scammers have not yet been caught. While the low-tech model has been great on reducing power consumption, it hasn’t proven to be a good source of fingerprints, unlike the real thing.

Just a reminder folks, Apple products are almost NEVER discounted. Anywhere. Especially in McDonald’s parking lots.

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The gold tooth was the giveaway.



As PT Barnum put it “There’s a sucker born every minute.”


What’s that saying??? If it sounds too good to be true… smile


The link to your source is broken.

Julie Kuehl

Thanks for that ilikeimac! Got it corrected now.


You might have highlighted the fact that ‘bulk purchases’ usually don’t get shipped individually by express courier services (just in case yet another ‘warning sign’ is called for smile )

Statistically Insignificant

On the other hand, the battery life is excellent!


... was approached by two men, one with a gold tooth

That’s the most important detail of the article. :D


Obviously the victim is dumber than a box of hammers, but why did the perpetrators bother to make the dummy iPad?  Did they think someone smart enough not to be convinced by a Fedex box was going to see this chunk of wood and say, “Okay, this is legit!”


Jeesh, no way to sync this!!!


Jeesh, no way to sync this!!!

Wait for iOS 5, it’ll sync just fine!

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