hfstar Updated With Amanda Capability

metaobject has released an update for hfstar, bringing it to version 1.13.19. hfstar is a gnutar development app designed for HFS+based data. The update features update support and Amanda compatibility. According to metaobject:

metaobject releases hfstar update.

Back in the pre-history of Mac OS X known as Mac OS X Server 1.x, we at metaobject decided that we needed a viable, open-format backup solution for our HFS+ based data. Going against the mood of the day, we decided not to raise our voice in lament, but rather coded a solution based on the ubiquitous gnutar, which was quietly released to the community back in those long forgotten day. So quietly, in fact, that very few people to this day even know of its shadowy existence.

Even those that do know probably arenit aware of the fact that a newer version exists, which now handles incremental updates and is compatible with the Open Source backup system Amanda.

You can find more information about the hfstar update at the metaobject Web site. hfstar is available as freeware.