Hiding App Purchases in iTunes

Typically when someone says "Do you know which iTunes feature I like?" I get ready to hear a long list of complaints. Occasionally, however, I get surprised when they mention something they actually do enjoy -- like the ability to hide App Store purchases they no longer want to see.

Your iTunes account still tracks apps you download even if they're hidden, but you won't see update notices for them, and it keeps your purchased apps list a little less cluttered. Here's how to hide apps in iTunes:

  • Launch iTunes and make sure you're logged into your iTunes Store account.
  • Click iTunes Store in the Library column.
  • Click Purchased -- It's under the Quick Links column on the right side of the iTunes Store window.
  • Now select the Apps tab, and click on an app you want to hide.
  • Click the X in the upper left corner of the app's icon to hide the app -- which, by the way, is a bad interface choice for Apple since the X button in iOS deletes apps instead of hiding them.

You can hide purchased apps you don't want to see in iTunesYou can hide purchased apps you don't want to see in iTunes

To unhide items, you need to go to your iTunes account settings, and then choose View Hidden Purchases. You can see your account settings by clicking the Account link under Quick Links in the iTunes Store, or by clicking your account name at the top of the iTunes Store view.

If you have lots of other iTunes content you don't want cluttering up your lists, you can hide music, TV shows, Movies, and books, too, which is handy if you don't want to see old TV show seasons you've already watched or if you purchase lots of books from the iBookstore.