iOS 8: Hiding Your Location with Siri

One of the nifty (and kind of surprising!) things that you can now control through Siri is whether or not Find My Friends is sharing your location.

So as I’ve done above, if you say something like “hide from my friends,” then Siri will conceal where you are. This is equivalent to going into the settings for the Find My Friends app and toggling off “Share My Location.”

Of course, this has all sorts of practical applications, from buying birthday presents in secret to…um…doing things you’d rather your pals not know about. I ain’t here to judge, people.

And as Siri will tell you if you turn off your location-sharing, you can just say “don’t hide from my friends” when your super-secret spy work is finished. Of course, if you really, really want to be sneaky, you can always choose to share your location from a different device than the one you take with you (which is something I’ve written a whole tip about), so you can appear to be home where your iPad is rather than out at a bar with your iPhone. Again, I don’t judge, but maybe your snarky friends do.