Hold Down Compose Button in iOS Mail to Go To Your Drafts

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Mac Geek Gab listener Philip sent in this great tip that we just had to share (he discovered it by accident, which makes it even cooler!):

If you tap and hold on the compose new mail button, a screen will popup showing all your draft emails, and it gives you a button to go directly to your drafts folder. It works on the iPad and iPhone.

Sure enough, we held down the compose button and up came this list on the iPhone. Thanks, Philip!

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Paul Goodwin

Good tip. I didn’t know that.

Paul Goodwin

Wonder what else I don’t know?


Ahem…  iOS 6: Seeing a List of Your Email Drafts:
Sep. 26th, 2012 · Melissa Holt · TMO Quick Tip

Dave Hamilton

@Gary — Thanks for the heads-up! It does bring to light an interesting point: there are tips that we publish that some miss (myself included, clearly!). Certainly they’re there in the archives for all to search and find… but highlighting the older stuff occasionally (so long as it’s still relevant) is a good idea. We do it on our Mac Geek Gab podcast and it really helps. New listeners come along and don’t necessarily know the full spectrum of every tip we’ve mentioned (plus, as they say, you need to hear something more than a few times for it to sink in…). Brings up an interesting problem that I now look forward to solving. So thank you!


@Dave grin

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